Resilient Culture: Weather the Storm

Presentation at AIA MN 2020 Virtual Conference on Architecture

Weather the storm of economic, social, and environmental challenges with a resilient team culture. In this interactive workshop, discuss how to actively shape your firm’s culture to sustain your professional practice. Learn to listen to your team's values, assess your own beliefs, develop methods of accountability, and track progress towards your goals so you can leverage your team and career to weather any storm.

Learn about methods for inviting individuals at every level to positively contribute to your firm’s culture to improve diversity, collaboration, and employee retention. Tackle the long term impact of remote work on architectural teams and collaboration. Discuss opportunities and mentorship that encourage diversity. Learn innovative strategies that can leverage your firm for future economic challenges.

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Navigating Your Firm's Culture

If you are joining us at the 
AIA MN 2019 Conference on Architecture,
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