2018 EP Summit

Held in Sioux Falls, SD  (as part of the AIA SD Convention)

September 12

This past year the NCSR EP Committee undertook a number of initiatives that will be rolled out in 2019. The committee has strengthened its regional bonds over the last year with monthly working calls, and a Regional EP Summit this past September hosted by AIA South Dakota. These collaborations have resulted in the following:

* A new NCSR Emerging Professional website will be introduced to provide resources, blogs, and recognition geared specifically for this AIA member category.

* A new regional Emerging Professional Friendly Firm Award will be introduced, similar to the former IDP Firm Award, to recognize firms that do an outstanding job supporting young professionals.

* A new logo for the regional group was created by Molly Ellis, AIA. It showcases imagery from the largest cities in each of the four states within the region.

A special thanks to Stacey Keller for all she has done over the past three years to help bring our regions EP’s together! Stacey coordinated three EP Summit events during her term, bringing together some of the best emerging leaders in the profession who are passionate to make a difference and improve the profession. As her term ends, we are looking forward to welcoming Katie Kangas, AIA as the new NCSR Young Architect Regional Director for 2019-20.