2020 NCSR EP Summit

10am - 12pm CST  |  9am - 11am MT

Friday, December 18, 2020

Architects have been through a LOT this year - especially emerging professionals who are either in school, pursuing licensure or busy adjusting professional practice. Take advantage of this unique opportunity & connect with other emerging architecture professionals in our four state region.

Typically an invite only event, the 2020 virtual summit allows an open invitation for this year's YAF & NAC workshop.

The NCSR EP Annual Summit started in 2016 when five EP representatives were invited from each state in our region (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, & Wisconsin). This group connects local emerging professionals with AIA State & National Components. Let your voice be heard & find opportunities to collaborate and strengthen the Architecture profession for upcoming generations of architects. In recent years, this group started the website & EP Friendly Firm Award. 

The 2020 NCSR EP Summit will highlight the work of Outside the Box, a Duluth educational program focused on meeting kids where they are and providing opportunities for creative problem solving and understanding the built environment. We'll talk about all things mentorship and workshop on the gaps that needs to be filled between aspiring and practicing architects. 

Architects licensed less than 10 years, architectural designers pursuing licensure, architecture students, and anyone who advocates for the three categories above is WELCOME to join the 2020 NCSR EP Summit.


Ryan Welke, AIA
Young Architects Regional Director (YARD) 2021-2022

The YAF consists of 19 Young Architect Regional Directors (YARDs) from across the United States who are a conduit between local and national conversations in AIA concerning the architectural profession. Ryan Welke, AIA will represent the North Central States Region (NCSR) which includes Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Take this opportunity to be more involved and shape conversations around the future of the architectural profession.

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